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Box Owner / Level 1 Trainer


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Before finding CrossFit in 2015, I worked at a conventional gym and as a fitness trainer in France. I had always been involved in some kind of sports since childhood, and my background in aerobic and artistic gymnastics as well as modern dance led me to wanting to pursue sports as a career.

While working as a Coach, I got into olympic weightlifting and have participated in several competitions since. It was during that time that I discovered CrossFit, which has now become a real passion of mine. I train every day with the sole purpose of becoming a better athlete than I was yesterday.


My ambition as a coach is to pass on my passion and drive to help people become a better version of themselves.
My aim therefore is to not only make you discover the many benefits of CrossFit, but to help you achieve your goals in this discipline.

Coach / Level 1 Trainer


CrossFit has been a life changer for me. Before getting into CrossFit, I was mainly focusing on raw strength training (Powerlifting). Having a background in strength training turned out to be very beneficial and gave me a good head start. I managed to adapt and acquire the necessary skills quite quickly and ended up falling in love with the sport.


When coaching, I put a lot of emphasis on maintaining good technique and form, because this will ultimately make you a better athlete and more importantly, prevent injuries. And of course, you should always practice what you preach!


Probably the best thing about coaching is the fact that you can be directly involved on a daily basis in changing people's lives; whether it is helping someone getting to the end of their first workout or pushing another to their limits and helping them reach their goals.